In February 2016, Charlotte co-founded MouSensor with the bold vision to detect, discover and digitize every single smell on this planet, from the fragrances in a perfumer’s palette to the Chardonnay in your wine cellar. Currently, MouSensor is translating their in vivo technology to an ex vivo odor detection platform to build a human-nose-on-a-chip, which integrates the MouSensor biology with state-of-the-art chip technology to be used in flavor and fragrance R&D, explosive detection and even in disease diagnostics and biomarker discovery.

The MouSensor team, called The Detectors at the time, was named Best Team by the prestigious National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program in the Fall of 2015 provided by the New York City Regional Innovation Node (NYCRIN); the team was able to gather invaluable insights from the customer discovery process and made an important pivot during the process. MouSensor was subsequently selected for the 2016 Entrepreneurship Lab (ELabNYC) cohort to further develop their business model.

MouSensor has since achieved a multitude of accolades from recently being awarded a Phase 1 SBIR from NSF ($225K) to presenting at the annual Women in Bio Plenary meeting in San Diego. Another very important external validation for their technology was winning a $100K pilot grant from the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. This disease-specific nose-on-a-chip technology is making great strides for early Parkinson disease detection.

Currently, MouSensor is part of the Nursery Program at the Downstate Biotech Incubator in Brooklyn, NY on the way to changing how we think about smelling.

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