The teams that have gone through the I-Corps course have learned some valuable lessons including:

  • The team makeup is an essential element of success.
  • In successful projects the TL and EL worked as a team together with shared responsibilities.
  • Projects that failed had the TL as the “boss” and the EL as the “gopher.”
  • Teams that come in with a “point of view” on where the technology developed from the research can be deployed make more progress (platform technologies looking for applications make less progress).
  • Successful Mentors become masters of the customer development and business model canvas approach and keep the teams “on the path.”
  • Effective mentors look for and address deviations or issues as they arise, calling on the instructors and NSF as needed.
  • If the team does not have the time to fully engage the process, the experience is difficult.

NYCRIN Testimonials