NSF I-Corps™

  1. Form your I-Corps Team
  2. Prepare an Executive Summary
  3. Contact the National Science Foundation
    • I-Corps Program Officer
      • Steve Konsek
    • Topic-Specific Program Directors
      • Chris Meyer – BIO
      • Anita La Salle – CISE
      • Karen Crosby – EHR
      • Steven Konsek – ENG
      • Kandace Binkley – GEO
      • John Schlueter – MPS
      • Chu-hsiang Chang – SBE
  4. NSF will schedule a conference call with your entire team
  5. If the first conference call goes well, a second conference call will be scheduled with the entire team, the National Science Foundation, & members of the I-Corps National Teaching Team
  6. If the second conference call goes well, your team will be invited to submit a proposal

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